Helmet Design for Nicki Thiim

The task was to create the new livery-design for the Aston Martin Racing Driver Nicki Thiim. Since 2017 this is his personal Helmet.

The first step was to get some information, wishes, and ideas from Nicki because a helmet is the most personal object to Racing Drivers. In the process of developing the design, I created hand-drawn sketches and later provided Photoshop-Renderings to develop the final design.

The livery shows the heritage of the fast Dane with the big Danish flag at the front of the helmet, the blue color is something he had now for a long time and is his helmet signature color. Golden/Yellow stripes represent his success at the 24h of LeMans. The checkered flag on top of the helmet is a reminder for all his great racing finishes in the past and also motivation for the future. Very important for him and his Fans is, of course, his motto: #gohardorgohome

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30. Oktober 2017


Photoshop, Sketches